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Primary Care Practice In Metro Worcester, MA

Meadowbrook Medical Group is a primary care practice in Worcester, MA, and an internal medicine physician practice. We manage the healthcare needs of adult patients in Central Massachusetts and Worcester County. We offer preventive care, help manage chronic conditions, and more. Our office-based healthcare facility gives patients access to board-certified and experienced health care providers. Please note: We are no longer accepting new patients.

Addressing All of Your Ailments

What makes our primary care practice very attractive is the shortest wait-time for appointments in all categories: 1-7 days for Established Patients and 1-2 weeks for New Patients. We accept most insurance coverages. What makes our facility special is our location; access from Interstate-190 (I-190) highway exit 4 by private ride to our wide-spaced free parking or via public transportation by bus route to Meadowbrook Plaza.  You will never have to pay to park your car for a doctor's office visit.  We offer coordination of care for a broad range of healthcare services. We identify the needs of our patients and work together with each individual to determine the best resolution, the safest, and the most feasible and effective management plan for the conditions. We offer preventive care to keep you healthy. We collaborate with medical subspecialists and surgical specialists to best address the needs of our patients in a scope-of-care practice sensitive ways. Not only that, we make it possible and very easy for you to consistently stay up to date with your health information and to stay engaged with your treatment programs using our Patient Portal.

Primary Care Practice In West Boylston, MA

Our practice specialty focuses on:

1.      Evaluating acute illnesses and common urgent care symptom leading to diagnoses such as, but not limited to the common cold, the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, cellulitis (soft tissue infection) and minor cuts from acute injuries. Are you seeking prompt evaluation of common urgent care symptoms?

2.      Manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, kidney disease, and any persistent or long-term illnesses or diseases that providers can manage, but not necessarily cure. Do you have a chronic condition? Are you committed to fighting silent killer diseases, especially when your primary care provider can empower you through education and keep you engaged to confidently take on a leadership role in controlling staged disease progression, delaying the development of the potential complication or in delaying the involvement of multiple organs from what may have been a single organ disease?

3.      Performing preventive care services, including age, gender, or risk group-based preventive health screening, vaccinations, physical exams, and behavior counseling. Preventive health services involve taking the measures necessary to detect chronic conditions or illnesses early, as opposed to waiting until the condition develops into some of its preventable complications. Are you harboring a silent killer disease? Have you reviewed the recommended vaccinations specific to you by age or risk-group lately with a provider recently?

If you have a chronic condition, such as the ones addressed here, it takes a lifetime commitment to maintain your health. This will delay the exacerbation of any of the effects and go a long way toward retaining your wellness. By making Meadowbrook Medical Group your healthcare provider of choice, we can develop a well-being partnership to make you feel as good as you expect and deserve. We can provide medical treatment for diabetes, for example, that helps ameliorate all of the potentially devastating consequences that can arise if this insidious condition is not kept in check. It is essential to take your health seriously if you have diabetes, and taking the step of turning to us for support is an excellent choice.

We take the care of all our patients very seriously and make a commitment to each one to provide the best medical attention we can provide at all times, including medical treatment for diabetes. A disease like diabetes can ravage your body if left unchecked, so it’s vital to take every precaution you can to minimize its risks to you. Our team is ready to work with you to create a wellness plan that will see that you keep this serious health concern and any other similar one at bay.